donderdag 9 augustus 2012

Filippa K AW 2012

By Steven van den Haak

Although being a world wide brand, Filippa K consitently keeps things simple. Classic silhouettes and basic shapes result in a timeless and chic collection.

                   copyright Filippa K

Simplicity is the second name of the brand, but it never loses its sense of luxury. This results in Filippa K being thé place to go whenever in need of strong, simple and high quality basics. Although the current times of crisis give us enough reasons to go for timeless simplicity, even Filippa K cannot resist adding a little detail. Shoes with zipper openings are a perfect example of how a detail can make something radiate a vibrant minimalist feel. Vibrance and minimalism might sound as a paradoxical combination, however Filippa K shows that, with the right amount of Scandanavian swagger, this can be a very happy couple. Ethnic motifs in black and white add, just like the zipper shoes, a little more detail, keeping the classic and simple shapes interesting.

                   copyright Filippa K

Because of simplicity and timeless classic silhouettes being the two main characteristics of Filippa K, it is often accused of having no brand signature. This might be true in a certain extent, however truly simple and timeless clothes are a rather difficult goal to reach, and Filippa K succeeds and hits quite the right note in keeping her basic garments interesting. 

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