zaterdag 28 juli 2012

Unfolding, an exhibition at Paul Andriesse

How do we remember things? What do we frame, what is forgotten and what changes unconsciously in our mind? Unfolding is a group show with references to memories, though not in a nostalgic way. Recently graduated artists from art academies St. Joost in Breda, Rietveld in Amsterdam and KASK in Gent show their work in gallery Paul Andriesse. Each with their own element of remembering.

Irene O'Callaghan, Aluminium Foil, 2010

At the entrance of the gallery, on a small Ipad screen, the video 'Meat Garden' is shown. Katarina Hruskova takes us away with a story about her grandmother who used to pour animal fat on her garden. Images of rotten vegetables appear in the video as she tells the story. It sounds like Katarina shares a personal memory but soon the listener starts to doubt wether this is reality. There is something surrealistic about it.

Katarina Hruskova, Meat Garden (film still), 2010
Katarina Hruskova, Meat Garden (film still), 2010

In a series of mountains and colanders Irene O'Callaghan triggers to think about our perception of the inside and outside. There seems only one way to picture the mountains outside as they are massive and unchangeable. On the other hand the colander inside plays with our imagination, is it a lamp, an UFO or a viking cap? Inside the corners of our homes imagination makes up a lot. 

Irene O'Callaghan, Untitled, 2011

In the corner of the gallery the sculpture of Kato Six suddenly is visible and draws the attention. The architectural sculpture is a study of how she remembers spaces. What happens with lines, forms and proportions when a space is memorized? By using materials such as wood and a bright shiny polyester ball she also refers to a certain sense of materiality, as well for her sculpture as for spaces.

Kato Six, Untitled, 2012

The works that are shown in Unfolding seem to deal with a self consciousness of time and space, created by these young artists in the start of their career. Go and see!

'Unfolding' is curated by Melchior Jaspers and Rosa Kieft
Works by: Irene O'Callaghan, Katarina Hruskova, Anne Huijnen, Kato Six and Marcel Suurmond
On show at Galerie Paul Andriesse (westerstraat 187, Amsterdam) until august 18.

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